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Areas of Expertise:

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR):
EMDR is a form of effective psychotherapy that enhances an individuals naturally occurring processing ability. EMDR therapy incorporates eye movements or other bilateral stimuli to process negative beliefs, traumatic memories, and even has uses for performance enhancement.
Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy ( AEDP): 
An integrative, experiential, attachment based therapy focuses on emotional processing and
transformation change.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy: 

This is a therapy that integrates body centered processing with cognitive and emotional processing in the treatment of many disorders.

Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy:  
This type of therapy focuses on challenging unhealthy cognitive distortions and developing coping strategies for solving current problems.

Clinical Hypnosis:


The focus is working in an alerted states of awareness to assist with problems solving on a subconscious level.

The Distancing Technique:

Protocol for OCD, Panic, and Simple Phobias.


My Approach:


Therapy is a commitment of your time and energy.  Both of those should be well spent.  I work with the most innovating treatments that are fully supported by neuroscience. By using evidence based therapies, treatment is gentle yet highly effective.


I truly believe that people have the innate ability to heal. It is hardwired. I work to enhance the strength that is can get lost or overwhelmed by life's difficulties. I have heard people state that "therapy has not worked for me" and I have witnessed how effective treatments have helped people live the life they desire. 

I am an EMDRIA approved international consultant. I am also a trauma and dissociation informed therapist and consultant. I offer trainings to therapists and have recently c0-authored a journal article on OCD. I enjoy providing clinical consultation for therapists who are working toward EMDR certification as well as those who are not EMDR trained. ​

Personally, I am an avid cook, joyous parent of both children and dogs. I love the outdoors, especially skiing and hiking. 

My Approach
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